Monthly magazine and Ubuntu Server 実践バイブル

Recently, I've got two books. One is "Software Design" as monthly Debian article, and another is "Ubuntu Server 実践バイブル (Ubuntu Server practical bible)" by Fumihito Yoshida (hito, who is a member of Ubuntu Japanese LoCo (and I'm same Loco member, too).

Well, it's bit a hard to write "hot" topic since it's paper magazine, I should write an article as possible (magazine would be published, then next deadline comes 2 or 3 days after that...), anyway I'm enjoying to write about Debian :-)

Also I've got a "Ubuntu Server 実践バイブル" - it means "hey, you should put review to the web!!!" - okay, hito. I'll do so! :) 

It probably targets "beginners" but "practical" as named and worth for non-beginners, too. If you want to try set up servers, this would help you a lot. However, if you just want "Copy & Paste" thing, this book is not suitable for you. google it (but we cannot assume search result as best suitable one, and most of that lucks "why you should do this operation", of course). This book shows process of thinking and background for set up servers.

I like "conclusion first, then show its reason and other methods" style, but sometimes not in this book, it frustrated me a bit. But anyway, explorations may be fun.

This book doesn't cover "cloud", but he says "if sales is good, I'll write about it". I'll be glad to review it.

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