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Earthquake struck Hokkaido and caused blackout, but security.d.o run without trouble

Dec 2014, mirror came to Hokkaido, Japan. And in September 2018, Huge earthquake (magnitude 6.7) has hit Hokkaido. It was a surprise because the Japan government said such a large earthquake would shake Hokkaido is less than 0.2% in 30 years.

And it causes a blackout for the whole of Hokkaido, of course, it includes Sakura Internet Ishikari DC. Ishikari DC had worked with an emergency power supply for almost 60 hours(!), so its security mirror run without any error. 石狩データセンターの非常用発電設備の運転終了の瞬間です。60時間近くという、恐らくDCの歴史的最も長時間稼働した設備の一つで、最後まで支障なく動いてくれた事に感謝です。結果として備蓄燃料は70時間程度あり、節電運転する事で100時間程度が無給油で出来る状態でした。 — 田中邦裕 (@kunihirotanaka) September 8, 2018

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