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ThinkPad X121e with UFEI boot for Asia region

Kadokawa Course Internet vol.2 "Open Source - composes Internet, evolution of software"

gbp buildpackage fail: cannot find orig.tar.gz file

Meeting event with LibO people in Tokyo, Japan

Open Source Conference 2014 Tokyo/Fall

Intel 910 SSD 400GB - $420

Could you try to consider speaking more slowly and clearly at sessions, please?

New Debian T-shirts (2014 summer)

one init system rules all...

GeoIP support for installer is really nice

Open Source Conference 2014 Hokkaido

fancy screenshot with screenfetch

no /run/systemd/private

rpm %{?_smp_flags} macro for dpkg-buildpackage

given enough eyeballs, but...

dot paint characters in motd

my present situation (from Japan)