great IOPS device and if we'd have it...?

I know some folks work at Fusion IO, maybe you know, one of the leader of PCIe flash storage system. And they say their products are "great", since their device put amazing IOPS as they press released (9,000,000 IOPS, and Wikipedia says "SAS HDDs put 200 IOPS". If you have a SSD in your laptop/desktop, you'd love it. It puts almost 10,000 IOPS or so). Such PCIe SSD can bring "Moon shot", change the rules for managing CPU, Memory, Disk and Network for servers, IMHO.

Then, I'm dreaming - if we Debian would have such MAGICAL device, what is the most efficient way to improve/accelerate/Kaizen our project? To use mailing list server? BTS? UDD? CI?

Dear lazyweb, please let me know what is the bottleneck of our development, and great IOPS capacity will fix it.

(and please don't say about things based on human resource, since PCIe SSD devices cannot improve such things, you know ;)

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