re-compress debian.tar.{gz.bz2}

You can use bzip2 to compress debian.tar source file in debian/source/options. But usually xz is more efficient than bzip2 (in my experience, and I love xz :) So, how about re-compressing those files with xz?

This is the result.

2.1G tar
503M current
414M xz_6e
410M xz_9e

non-compressed file is 2.1GB and we've compressed to 0.5GB. If we would use xz, it becomes 0.4GB.

debian.tar.bz2 files are 6.3M, if we would use gz, it becomes 40M, it means that package maintainers' choice is right.

6.3M bz2
40M gz
5.8M xz

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