Grand Unification Debian study Meeting 2013 (Japan)

We Debian JP folks are please to announce Debian event named "Grand Unification Debian study Meeting 2013" will be held in Japan, 29th June (oh, don't ask/blame me for its name, it was decided by others, not me... ;-)

And we're in CfP and negotiating with potential sponsors now, and some companies and media have already ACKed as below.

  • WindowsAzure (Platinum sponsor, yes "Microsoft supports Debian event" :-)
  • Plathome (Gold sponsor, they're also DebConf13 sponsor!)
  • TOP STUDIO (Gold sponsor, thanks to Kenshi Muto :)
  • Serverworks (Gold sponsor, AWS vendor)
If you're in Japan or near here at that time, please come and enjoy this event (and please comment if you have any question).

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