license for MIBs

Unfortunately, most of MIBs doesn't meet DFSG since RFC is non-free. However, RFC5378 was released and it says "code components in RFCs are licensed under Simplified BSD license (BSD-3-clause)", See Trust Legal Provisions (TLP) Documents page.

Code components are

ABNF definitions, XML Schemas, XML DTDs, XML RelaxNG definitions, tables of values, MIBs, PIBs, ASN.1, and classical programming source code
So, recent MIBs can be included to Debian package :)

But it isn't enough because those RFCs are almost 30/260, 90% are not DFSG-free. And 190/260 RFCs are owned by ISOC and IETF trustee, I hope thay will release old MIBs code in RFCs under DFSG-free license as same as after RFC5378.

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