Now we Debian JP (local Debian community in Japan) are pleased to announce new Debian full-mirror server named is running, kindly offered by Sakura Internet, Inc. which is one of most famous VPS/hosting provider in Japan.

So, their VPS/hosting user can use it without any setting now via magical GeoMirror as (thanks to Yasuhiro Araki).

It is run at Ishikari DC, northen island Hokkaido.

I had a chance to visit there 3 month ago (you can see my entry in Google+ if you want), it was so interesting and exciting. They are trying to make power-saved data center as Google, Facebook or so, and it had succeed now since its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is same level as Google one, wow :-)

I hope we will provide stable and comfortable Debian environment to their users and they would use Debian more and more, then we'll get their "wants" and "needs" to improve Debian itself.

Thanks to folks in Sakura Internet!


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