maintain is not solely put new version


Some of people are complaining about Debian 7.0 uses linux 3.2. Hey... do you know which kernel version RHEL6 (and CentOS) uses? :-p

 - If you want to use latest kernel, you can pull it from git repo
 - If you want to use newer kernel version without loong compiling time, then you can pull it from experimental repo easily.
 - If you want to make Debian's release kernel newer, then you should work for it - not just complain for it.  To get something,  someone must pay something for it

Maintain package is not solely put newer version to repo. If you put some package to repo, it should be maintained for 3 years  (at least). Hey, you - can you do it? - pick patches to security vulnerabilities and apply it without any regressions 3 years, and maintain newer version for next release.

I know newer version is more attractive for you, but there's a reason to do so.

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