Debian in cloud conference at MS

Today, I've participated to "Open Source Conference .cloud" in held in Microsoft, Shinagawa, Japan. 

A lot of talks related to "cloud" had been done there, and surely about "WindowsAzure", too. Kazumi Hirose, Microsoft MVP, talked about Linux on Azure (yes, Linux) and there's a Debian swirl in his presentation - he is Debian user during the years (since "bo"! :)

After his presentation, I've talked with Microsoft employees and Kazumi, about how we can improve and give more valuable enviroment for Azure users (with Debian, of course :).

Some thought:
  • It's good to provide Debian repository mirror on Azure itself for user convinient (fast and reliable). Surely I'll ask it to them after official Debian support would come.
  • It's better to provide VHD upload feature in web interface, now Microsoft has only supported via CLI tool on Windows... I need to test WAagent (WindowsAzure Linux Agent) on Debian before upload.
  • If Microsoft will become a sponsor for DebConf, it's very interesting, isn't it? :-)

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