How to check your package for FTBFS with clang

GCC 7 doesn't go into Debian9, but gcc maintainers now file FTBFS bugs for it.

Also you can check packages via building with clang easily. I've already prepared pbuilder (and cowbuilder) build hook script for it. So, if you want to check a package with clang 4.0,

$ mkdir ~/hookdir
$ ln -s /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/D65various-compiler-support ~/pbuilder-hookdir
(modify your pbuilderrc as adding 1 line like below)
$ sudo CHOOSE_COMPILER="clang-4.0" cowbuilder --build yourpackage_1.0-1.dsc

That's all - it's handy, isn't it? Please try it to make your package more healthy :)

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