Debian meeting in Tokyo (2016 March)

5th March, we've held Debian勉強会 (Debian meeting) in Tokyo. サイボウズ株式会社(Cybozu, Inc.) kindly provides their office for meeting, thanks for folks in Cybozu.

 This time, three talks were given:

    • Kentaro is "groonga"(an open-source fulltext search engine and column store) upstream author and package maintainer in Debian and Fedora. This talk is about his experience how to use Debian "porterbox" for non-DDs.
  • "Porting Debian to tilegx" by @wskoka
    • About his experience porting Debian to tilegx architecture, multicore processor family by Tilera. He is not porting expert ("I'm sale person", he said :), but did try&error and now apt is working on that machine. 
  • "Introduction to Debian Ports" by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
    • Adrian comes from Germany(!) and gave a talk about debian-ports.

During break time, did some discussion, GPG keysigning and enjoyed coffee and sweets provided by Cybozu, thanks!

And thanks for all participates!

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