release, and user complains

Now I've just finished to translate Debian Jessie release note for Japanese... *Phew*

Also we Japanese people has celebrated its release at Tokyo and Kyoto (thanks to someone who added it to Wiki), I'll put some photos later.

Anyway, we succeeded to push it out, now users get Jessie as stable release. Then, I found many users complain about it. Why? because it includes incompatible changes with previous wheezy. However it is obviously noted to release notes (check! lazy people ;), and even they could try it before its release!

Most of users don't want to use pre-release version, what they want is released one. Probably Debian should consider to push "something release version" out, not only each 2 years stable release. Since our distribution's quality relies on manual Exploratory testing in unstable by developers and users now, but it is not enough to check bugs. Somehow we get more human resource for testing.

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