Meeting event with LibO people in Tokyo, Japan

We Tokyo Debian Study Meeting staff has held 119th (!) monthly meeting at SQUARE ENIX seminer room, Shinjuku, Tokyo (thanks to Takahide Nojima for arrangement) with Kanto LibreOffice Offline Meeting (thank Naruhiko Ogasawara) on 25th October.

Discussing about status for LibreOffice package in Debian and share each view for it as downstream and upstream. I hope LibO folks would investigate diff under debian/patches directory and pull some of it to upstream (it also will help Debian and other downstream distros).

And hands-on event for installation with debian-installer 8.0 bate2: find an issue with Acer laptop, probably it would be reported to BTS.

Next 120th meeting will be in 29th November at same place - people, see your there! :)


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