An idea for new PTS layout

rewrited PTS looks good for me, great work! I don't have any idea for its new name (since I like it as PTS :), but have an idea for its layout. So, I've photoshoped gimped a screenshot image as below.

  • merge two package version info and move it from left to center (don't repeat similar item twice)
  • sort release version reverse, from unstable to oldstable (since we're primary focusing to sid as active development)
  • add description and codename for each release, with codename is better since usually we call it with codename
  • add clickerable menu to show recent changelog and diff like launchpad
  • add "ask question" and "report bug" link like launchpad. It'd be better to add flow line to discuss package related problem with others to solve it
  • add link to security-tracker

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